Anonymous said: Me: hey guys. Kaitlin: so yeah qeston time? Ellie: yeah! Nerice: so last time kaitlin hugged toby! Lol! If you don't know ellie and m.j knows kaitlin hates the song! Kaitlin: so the qeston is for huddie, jeff and toby. Nerice: and m.j dared me and kaitlin to say to hoody,jeff and toby who would you go out with? Me? Or kaitlin?

Uhh…. i’d have to get to know you guys more… ~Ticci-Toby

Same -Hoody and Jeff

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Anonymous said: ummmm.... does anyone else see that flying bottle going towards Hoodie's head?

Wait wha- *gets hit by bottle* ow…. -Hoody

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Anonymous said: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE toby drank a large coffe with whip cream , chocolet, carmel, and pancake bits so he's supper hyper and is out for masky!


Wait what? -Masky

MASKY ~Ticci-Toby

I’m out. -Masky

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ask8creepyocs said: flamingblaze and dark galaxy: *walking in the woods* flamingblaze: whare in celestias name are we! darkgalaxy whares the map!?! darkgalaxy: *singing thriller* cuz this is thriller thriller night and no pon-! flamingblaze: *smack* HAY COUNTRY CORNCHIP READ THE MAP!!! darkgalaxy: hehe about that my magic kinda messed up the map so not its all inkie and Black, oh hay someponys overthare *both trot to you 4 * flameingblaze: *taps hoof on maskys shoulder* excuse me but can you give us directions?

Directions to where? -Masky

[TO THEIR DEATHS] -Tiny Euronivian

Tiny no -Masky

[Tiny yes.] -Tiny Euronivian

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Anonymous said: to Toby. what would you do if i killed clockwork and left her body in your bed?

………………….I…………..I………….. ~Ticci-Toby

[NO CALM DOWN TOBY] -Tiny Euronivian

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Anonymous said: how can anyone hate Toby? masky shut up... if your going to say anything negative.

[I don’t know man.] -Tiny Euronivian

I- -Masky


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Anonymous said: My sister yelled at me, any tips for feeling better? :T

[Listen to some music, role play, text some friends…. I dunno.] -Tiny Euronivian

Anonymous said: i finally got the cheesecake joke with masky. the joke was made when someone made a comment on marble hornets saying that masky had gained weight and something about eating to much cheesecake. now the fandom had gotten to the point where this insult towards Tim is considered a joke to most people.

[This.] -Tiny Euronivian

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Anonymous said: *flies in on a magical pegasus* wanna come for a ride?

[omg YES YES YES PLZ] -Tiny Euronivian

Yeah! ~Ticci-Toby

Sure -Masky

Yes -Hoody

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sin567 said: OK here's what happened my friend was drawing Toby with Clockwork in his arms and she asked what type of pants did he water and I said I don't know I don't stalk him and then she said that they where jeans so I asked her how she knew and she said that he left them in her bathroom I asked why and my other friend said they where having a sexy sleepover so I asked if she was sure she wasn't helping him cheat on clockwork and she said she wasn't sure. Proving me right maybe.

[Whoa… I thought you and clockwork broke up though!] -Tiny Euronivian

As far as you know. ~Ticci-Toby

[Wait… what!? TOBY INFORM ME] -Tiny Euronivian

NO ~Ticci-Toby

[ASSHOLE] -Tiny Euronivian

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Anonymous said: Hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky!!!!!!!!!!!!! *poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke*

Ayyeee that’s my thing! *pokes masky* hey masky! ~Ticci-Toby

[Mine too! *pokes masky* ] -Tiny Euronivian

Guys… stop… please… -Masky

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Anonymous said: Huddie why do you steal maskys pills? *finds a lot of maskys pills under your bed* MASKY! HUDDIE STOLE YOUR PILLS AGAIN!

w-what!? -Hoody


*runs away* -Hoody

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Anonymous said: Don't laugh but I carn't get this thing of cheese to open.

[I’ll open it! Or i’ll try…] -Tiny Euronivian

I’ll do it! ~Ticci-Toby

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Anonymous said: Everyone please awnser this honastly. If slenders brother was going to stay how would you react? (Oh and if thay are DON'T LET OFFENDER MAN RAPE ENYONE!)

[Well.. which brother!?] -Tiny Euronivian

Yeah! Which one!? ~Ticci-Toby

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Anonymous said: Everyone MUST answer this! (Masky u don't have 2 but u can :3) What would you gusy do/say if Masky was kidnapped?


Same same ~Ticci-Toby

I agree with Tiny… Except not the kill part. -Hoody

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